Title: Accumulation Rate Effects on High Precision Density Profiles of Antarctic Firn Cores
Author: Breton, D.J. and Hamilton, G.S.
Periodical: American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting 2009, abstract #C52A-06
Abstract: Firn density profiles of the WAIS Divide core and several East Antarctic cores have been measured by the Maine Automated Density Gauge Experiment (MADGE). Using an optimized gamma-ray density gauge, MADGE produces continuous density profiles at 3.3 mm resolution and a typical density uncertainty of ± 0.004 g/cm3. Analyses of these density profiles demonstrate the distinct changes in density variability and densification patterns between cores collected in areas of differing accumulation rates. These results are directly applicable to both firn densification studies and models of electromagnetic wave propagation for remote sensing platforms.
Year: 2009