Title: High-Resolution Accumulation and Aerosol Records during the Past 2000 Years from an East Antarctic Ice Core Array
Author: McConnell, J.R., Edwards, R., Anschuetz, H., Banta, R., Bisiaux, M.M., Pasteris, D., Sterle, K.M. and Neumann, T.
Periodical: American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting 2009, abstract #C51D-07
Abstract: Continental dust, sea salt, and aerosols from volcanic, biomass burning, and industrial emissions alter chemistry and radiative processes in air and snow but little is known about past sources, transport pathways, or fluxes prior to recent decades, particularly in remote regions such as East Antarctica far removed from low- and mid-latitude source regions. We use continuous, high-depth-resolution, trace and ultra-trace measurements of a broad range of elements and chemical species from four new ice cores from Norwegian-U.S. scientific traverse, together with similar measurements in the WAIS Divide ice core from West Antarctica, to develop a detailed history of snow accumulation and aerosol concentrations and fluxes in East Antarctica during the past ~2000 years.
Year: 2009