Title: WDC06A-5; an Initial chronology for the West Antarctic Ice Sheet Divide Ice Core from Electrical Measurements
Author: Fudge, T.J., Taylor, K., Conway, H., Waddington, E.D. and McGwire, K.C.
Periodical: American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting 2011, abstract #C23D-0519

We present an annually resolved timescale of the WAIS Divide Ice Core using measurements of the electrical properties of the ice. We have processed ice to 3000 meters depth where the annual layers are still resolvable. We hope to measure annual layers to the current bottom depth of 3331 meters, (~96% depth of the ice sheet). Below 1955 meters, multiple measurements were made across the width of the core allowing a 2-D view of the electrical stratigraphy. Thus far, we have observed a maximum inclination of 8 degrees in the layers and no irregularities in the layering, suggesting the ice core has preserved a continuous climate record. We use the timescale and associated annual layer thicknesses in an ice flow model to extract preliminary estimates of past accumulation rates, past ice thickness changes, and the geothermal flux.

Year: 2011