Title: Copy that - WAIS Divide team drills historic replicate ice core in West Antarctica
Organization: United States Antarctic Program
Periodical: The Antarctic Sun

A team of scientists and drilling engineers performed the Antarctic equivalent of pulling a rabbit out of the hat deep under the ice sheet in December.

They retrieved a one-meter-long ice core from about 3,000 meters down a borehole drilled through the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS). That in itself isn't unusual. Thousands of meters of ice have been extracted from Antarctica over the last half-century, and are one of the most reliable sources for reconstructing past climate.

The difference this time around involved reentering the 3,405-meter-deep hole the team completed last season, and collecting additional core along a path that is parallel to the existing borehole. The success of the new Replicate Coring System was a reason for celebration on Dec. 17.

Year: 2013