Title: Volcanic Synchronization: Applications and potential for the WAIS Divide ice core
Author: Sigl, M., McConnell, J.R., Maselli, O., Pasteris, D., Lawrence, R., Isakkson, E.D., Anschuetz, H., Udisti, R., Severi, M. and Fudge, T.J.
Periodical: American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting 2012, abstract #PP21B-2015

We present a new, annually dated sulfur record from the WAIS Divide ice core in West Antarctica spanning most of the last 27,000 years, analyzed using high-resolution continuous flow analysis coupled to two mass spectrometers. The high dating accuracy, demonstrated through comparison to independent, annually dated ice core records from NorthGRIP and Law Dome, permitted use of this new ice core record as a reference volcano chronology for Antarctica. Using volcanic time markers, seven new sulfur records from low accumulation ice core sites in East Antarctica (Norwegian US Traverse) covering the last 250 to 2,000 years were synchronized to the WAIS Divide timescale, providing a understanding of the spatial pattern of past climate variability. Changes in past climate forcing, as indicated by ice core records of mineral dust, volcanic aerosols or black carbon - all measured conjointly at high resolution - can thus be addressed on a continental scale and contrasted to temperature histories from Antarctica. We further evaluate the potential of linking the current WAIS Divide timescale to ice core records in East Antarctica (e.g. EPICA Dome C, EPICA Dronning Maud Land, Talos Dome) which had been synchronized to each other using volcanic time markers during the last glacial period. Volcanic synchronization allows investigation of the relative timing of climate events (e.g. abrupt climate changes), with age uncertainties being independent from the uncertainties of the gas-age to ice-age difference inherent in using paleo-gas records for synchronization.

Year: 2012