Title: United States Ice Core Science: Recommendations for the Future
Author: U.S. Ice Core Working Group
Start Page: 1
End Page: 48
Abstract: This report is an outcome of the workshop, "The Future of U.S. Ice Coring Science", held at the National Science Foundation on March 20-21, 2002, and hosted by the Ice Core Working Group and the NSF Office of Polar Programs. The workshop examined the progress of the U.S. Ice Coring Program since the 1986 National Academy Report, "Recommendations for a U.S. Deep Ice Coring Program", and developed recommendations for future U.S. ice coring programs. This new report, "U.S. Ice Core Science: Recommendations for the Future", extends the recommendations of the 1986 NAS report and charts a course for the next decade of ice-core research into global change and polar processes.
Year: 2003