Title: Core truths - WAIS Divide ice records past environmental changes with implications for the future
Organization: United States Antarctic Program
Periodical: The Antarctic Sun

Twenty years ago, Kendrick Taylor External Non-U.S. government site and his colleagues first conceived of drilling for a deep ice core in the middle of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) while working to extract one in Greenland.

Ten years ago, he wrote the science plan for the WAIS Divide Ice Core External Non-U.S. government site project.

"And now we're halfway through the ice sheet 10 years later after finding the perfect spot to take an ice core, building a highly advanced drill, and constructing a camp to support the work," said Taylor, ruefully shaking his head, during an interview at the National Ice Core Laboratory (NICL) External U.S. government site in the Denver Federal Center where processing sections of the ice core is under way. Continue reading...

Year: 2010