Long-Term Schedule

2013/2014 Antarctic Field Season

  • Repeat Borehole Logging: Clow (I-475; temperature), Bay/Talghader (I-172; optical), Pettit/Obbard (I-166; televiewer/borehole deformation), and Peters (I-161; seismic)

September 22-24, 2014: Final Science Meeting

  • Host the last annual science meeting at Scripps Seaside Forum, La Jolla, CA. This year's science meeting will be a 3-day science meeting (September 22-24; Mon-Weds), with additional focus meetings on Thursday, Sep 25.

2014/2015 Antarctic Field Season

  • Phase 1 of arch deconstruction (DISC Drill and core processing equipment, interior facility materials and equipment)
  • Secure WAIS Divide borehole to preserve for borehole logging or sampling that may occur in the future

2015/2016 Antarctic Field Season

  • Phase 2 of arch deconstruction (generator 1 & 2 modules, interior facility flooring and remaining materials and equipment)
  • Science traverse arrives to WAIS Divide with D7 bulldozer and cargo sleds
  • Pettit/Obbard (I-166; Televiewer/borehole deformation repeat logging)
  • Other borehole logging pending funding

2016/2017 Antarctic Field Season

  • Phase 3 of arch deconstruction (excavate and disassemble arch shell)
  • Traverse materials to McMurdo Station
  • Cargo staged at McMurdo Station, or retrograde to CONUS begins (depending on return timeline of traverse)
  • Leave borehole accessible for long-term access

2017/2018 Antarctic Field Season

  • Capability for borehole logging at WAIS Divide with minimal camp logistics

Field Activities Already Completed

2012/2013 Field Season

  • Replicate Coring (285 meters of replicate core collected from five deviations)

2011/2012 Field Season

  • Borehole Logging: Temperature, Sonic, Optical and Seismic
  • Deep drilling with DISC Drill (3331 - 3405 m)
  • Replicate Coring Test

2010/2011 Field Season

  • Deep drilling with DISC Drill (2560 - 3331 m)

2009/2010 Field Season

  • Deep drilling with DISC Drill (1512 - 2560 m)

2008/2009 Field Season

  • Deep drilling with DISC Drill (brittle ice) (580 - 1512 m)

2007/2008 Field Season

  • Finished arch construction
  • Installed DISC Drill
  • Installed core handling/processing equipment
  • Began deep drilling with DISC Drill (114 - 580 m)

2006/2007 Field Season

  • Began interior arch construction activities
  • Drilled 130 meter ice core outside of arch facility
  • Drilled and cased 100 meter pilot hole inside arch facility (0 - 114m)
  • Installed two DISC Drill gantry cranes inside arch

2005/2006 Field Season

  • Establishment of seasonal field camp at WAIS Divide
  • Began construction and assembly of drilling and core handling/processing arch facility
  • Drilled several shallow ice cores

Last Updated: June 2013