Replicate Ice Coring System

The Replicate Ice Coring System collects additional ice at depths of interest by deploying into an existing borehole and then deviating from it. The drill uses two steering actuator sections to tilt itself in the parent borehole by applying sidewards force against the borehole wall. The sidewards force causes the drill to preferentially "cut" into the "up hill" side of the borehole wall with a broaching head. The process of preferentially broaching the "up hill" side of the borehole wall is repeated until a separate borehole is created. The broaching head is then replaced with a coring head, the actuators tilt and guide the drill into the replicate borehole, and additional ice samples are collected via traditional ice coring. he Replicate Ice Coring System is designed to be used with the Deep Ice Sheet Coring (DISC) Drill and thus requires substantial logistics and infrastructure support. However, the design and engineering behind the system is such that it can be scaled down for use with smaller, more agile drilling systems as well.

Video courtesy of IDDO.

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