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Proposal Stage

Proposal Stage
PI Responsibilty

1. Submit completed Sample Request Form to the SCO at least 6 weeks before NSF proposal due date.

2. If the SCO approves your sample request, include the SCO-provided Letter of Support in your NSF proposal.

SCO Responsibility

1. If the sample request is approved by the SCO and the WSD Executive Committee, provide PI with Letter of Support to include in PI’s NSF proposal.


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Funded Stage

Funded Stage
Before PI Grant Expires
At/After PI Grant Expiration
Metadata Data Sampling/CPL Metadata Data
PI Responsibilty

1. Submit completed WSD Metadata Form with each data set submitted to the SCO

2.  Keep SCO informed about what you are going to measure, at what resolution you will be measuring it, and when you think the data will be available. Use the Data Availability Form to send the SCO this information.


1. Submit data to SCO in timely manner once comfortable with quality of data set

1. Cutting, bagging, labeling, packing, shipping, and maintaining records of the temperature of the ice shipment, unless other arrangements are made.

2. Return ISC shipping boxes to NICL.

1. Receive “document ID” for pre-populated DIF from the SCO (see SCO Responsibility below).

2. Complete and submit DIF to the Global Change Master Directory at (or preferably before) the expiration of your project award (the SCO will send you instructions on how to do this).

3. Include the URL to the submitted DIF in your NSF Fastlane Final Report.

1a. Submit final data set(s) to AGDC/NSIDC within 2 years of award expiration. For more information see:

1b. Alternatively, if you have already submitted your “final” data set(s) to the SCO, you can email the SCO authorizing them to submit the final data set(s) to NSIDC on your behalf.

2. Assuming you go with step 1a above and not 1b, notify SCO of submission of final data set(s) to NSIDC.


SCO Responsibility

1. Post completed WSD Metadata Forms within password-protected Data Area section of project web site


1. Post data sets within password-protected Data Area section of project web site


1. Sample allocation, scheduling, and providing basic equipment and supplies

1. Work with AGDC/NSIDC to create pre-DIFs for PIs and pre-populate DIFs w/ info from NSF Award Abstract.

2. Notify PIs of pre-DIF “document IDs” and send DIF Submission Instructions to PIs.


1a. Update password-protected Data Area section of project web site with link to the final data set(s) at NSIDC.

1b. Submit “final” data set(s) to NSIDC if instructed by PI to do so.


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