Chief Scientist

The Chief Scientist of the WAIS Divide ice core project is Dr. Kendrick Taylor of the Desert Research Institute.


Science Coordination Office

The Science Coordination Office (SCO), at the Desert Research Institute (Nevada System of Higher Education) and University of New Hampshire, coordinated the science, logistics, drilling, and sampling.

Name Role Institution Phone Email
Kendrick Taylor Chief Scientist Desert Research Institute, Nevada System of Higher Education   kendrick "at" dri "dot" edu
Mark Twickler SCO Manager Inst. of Earth, Oceans, and Space, University of New Hampshire 603.862.1991 mark "dot" twickler "at" unh "dot" edu
Joseph Souney SCO Operations Manager Inst. of Earth, Oceans, and Space, University of New Hampshire 603.862.0591 joseph "dot" souney "at" unh "dot" edu
Donald Voigt SCO Field Representative Dept. of Geosciences, Penn State University    

Science Support

Funding was provided by the United States National Science Foundation (NSF) through the United States Antarctic Program. Logistics support for field operations was initially provided by Raytheon Polar Services Company and later by NSF's Antarctic Support Contractor. Air transport was provided by the 109th Airlift Wing of the New York Air National Guard. Drilling support was provided by the Ice Drilling Program Office and the Ice Drilling Design and Operations group at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. The core was sampled at the U.S. National Ice Core Laboratory in Denver, Colorado, and subsamples where sent to 17 individually funded institutions for analysis.

Name Role Institution
Dr. Julie Palais Glaciology Program Manager (retired) National Science Foundation, Office of Polar Programs
Matthew Kippenhan WAIS Divide Project Manager Antarctic Support Contactor
Kristina Slawny Program Director Ice Drilling Design & Operations
Geoff Hargreaves Curator U.S. National Ice Core Laboratory

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee, which consisted of seven principal investigators elected by all of the WAIS Divide principal investigators, assisted in the management of the project. The Executive Committee provided advice to the SCO on various issues related to the priorities and organization of the project, assisted in the preparation and review of documents related to the project, acted as spokespeople for the project at meetings and with the media, and helped resolve any issues that developed related to publications and sample allocation.

Name Institution
Dr. Kendrick Taylor (Chief Scientist/Chair) Desert Research Institute
Dr. Richard B. Alley Penn State
Dr. Edward J. Brook Oregon State University
Dr. Joseph R. McConnell Desert Research Institute
Dr. John C. Priscu Montana State University
Dr. Jeffrey P. Severinghaus Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Dr. James C. White University of Colorado - Boulder

Sample Requests

The WAIS Divide ice core is archived at the U.S. National Ice Core Laboratory (NICL) in Denver, CO. Refer to the NICL website for information on how to request ice samples.