Field and CPL Updates

2007-2008 Antarctica

December 5, 2007
Update provided by Matthew Kippenhan, RPSC
project update image
A scientist logs an ice core at WAIS Divide. Photo: Kendrick Taylor


  • Camp operations are in full swing and supporting weekly aircraft missions and project personnel arriving to begin field activities.
  • D4 tracked dozer is up and running. This is a great addition and sincerely welcomed by the staff.
  • GOES system and email accounts are up and running.
  • Camp staff is doing a great job!
  • McMurdo based cargo coordinator, Sharon Lewis, is doing a fantastic job with supporting the entire camp and project cargo/personnel.

Arch Construction / DISC Drill Install:

  • The arch construction crew is wrapping up many loose ends and is on schedule with the DISC drill install and core processing equipment.
  • Science Construction and FEMC are greatly helping the arch crew with trade support.
  • ICDS, NICL, and SCO personnel are on site and beginning installations.
  • ICDS MECC machine shop arrived safely.
  • FEMC is organizing a site inspection of all facilities for 15 December to identify Priority 1,2,3 issues.

Power Module:

  • Generators and switchgear are due to arrive McM on 06 December 2007.
  • One Gough Gough and Hamer mechanic is deploying on the same flight. Ben McMasters will help replace Lynn Peters for the installation and commission of the generators and switchgear.
  • VMF has been great with helping support camp and project requirements including the power module.
  • Construction of the modules is scheduled to begin a few days prior to the generators' arrival at camp. The expected shipment day is 10 December 2007 from McM.