Field and CPL Updates

2005-2006 Antarctica

November 21, 2005
Update provided by Science Coordination Office
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The backlit snow pit at WAIS Divide. The snow pit is at the exact location where the deep ice core will be drilled. The snow pit had to be done before construction of the arch facility, which will house the drill, could start at the site. For more information, read I-477's End-of-Season Report. Photo: Kendrick Taylor

The 'put-in' for the WAIS Divide camp was delayed by 20 days due to poor weather and issues associated with LC-130 landings at the new site. The camp is being setup. The skiway is marked and groomed, and up to 4 flights a day are being scheduled. If the weather holds so we can get the flights in, we will end the season back on track. Ken Taylor and Mark Twickler sampled a 3m snow pit at the main drill site and converted it to a backlit snow pit to expose the stratigraphy. This was a critical step that had to be done before the near surface is affected by the camp and construction activities. The recovery of a 130m and 30m core from the main drill site has been postponed until later in the season to expedite the construction of the drilling shelter. Delaying the shallow coring has a negligible effect on the science and benefits the logistics, which are very stressed because of the delayed put-in.