Field and CPL Updates

2005-2006 Antarctica

January 9, 2006
Update provided by Matthew Kippenhan
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Arch facility that will house the drill. The arches will serve as a large winter storage shed for this coming winter season. A 12-person crew, led by Billy Texter, erected the arches. Photo: Douglas Drmolka


I am very proud to announce that the WAIS Divide arches are 100% complete as of 08 January. This includes all arch sections, both end walls, skylight vents and caps. The doors function well, but were a significant challenge to install. The arch construction Phases 1-6 were completed 13 days ahead of the original schedule (21 Jan.).

A majority of the arch crew have left camp and have arrived at McMurdo Station. I will be traveling to McMurdo on 20 January and arriving at the camp around 26 January. The arches will be used as a winter storage warehouse since it is empty at this point. Therefore, the final closing step will be to winterize the one end wall after all cargo is placed inside. I plan to stay untill camp closing and return to McMurdo with the final camp pull-out crew.

The successful completion of the arches ahead of schedule and with zero injuries is attributed to the determination and exceptional skills of the entire arch crew led by Billy Texter and the supporting camp staff led by Dave Zastrow. All of them have done an amazing job this season and I personally appreciate their outstanding efforts.