Field and CPL Updates

2005-2006 Antarctica

December 21, 2005
Update provided by Matthew Kippenhan
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I-177 (Sowers et al.) begins drilling an ice core to 300m to recover ice for reconstructing atmospheric records covering the last 1000 years. For more information, read I-177's End-of-Season Report. Photo: Mark Dreier

Science Operations:

  • I-163 (Raymond & Matsuoka -Radar ice anisotropy) team members have returned to McMurdo to work on the radar unit.
  • I-177 (Sowers-Firn gas) is on site.
  • I-188 (Gogineni-Basal conditions and internal layers) is on site.
  • G-087 (Dalziel-Bed rock crustal motions) scheduled for WSD on 09 Jan.

LC-130 Fixed Wing Operations:

  • Mission D-039 scheduled today including arch materials.
  • Missions D-040 to 042 scheduled tomorrow with remaining arch materials.
  • McMurdo return weather has been a major factor in weather cancellations.
  • Longer flight times to WSD have increased the airtime per crew duty cycle. This greatly reduces the amount of time a crew can actually "standby" for weather or mechanical delays in comparison to other destinations including South Pole.
  • WSD ACL has been reduced from the planned 19,900 lbs. to an actual 18,500 lbs.
  • LC-130 missions to camp will significantly drop over the next several weeks. Flights will mainly support the South Pole.


  • Population: + 50
  • Camp is up and running full speed.
  • Science Construction crew did an excellent job installing the large camp and new structures.
  • Camp staff is busy supporting science and arch crew efforts. There has often been 3 to 4 LC-130 flights in one day.


  • Small arch sections (84') are erected and complete with only 6 crew members.
  • Taller arches (100') will start tomorrow, including end walls as remaining materials arrive.
  • Taller arches will be slower due to additional height, weight, and bolts. Scheduled for 18 days.
  • Additional 6 crew members have arrived on site for a 12 person crew.
  • Utility arches will not be installed this season. Exact location to be determined by Greenland setup.
  • Total arch schedule currently has 10 days of float. Completion expected on 21 Jan. per baseline schedule.
  • Excellent efforts on the arches by the crew lead by Billy Texter.

ICDS Power Requirement Review:

  • Total DISC drill and arch facility system power requirements have been submitted to John Rand and Dave Oliver.
  • Dave to provide guidance on generator sizing (delivery TBD)
  • Schedule to be developed in early Jan.
  • Jan. will be a busy month working on the power module and arch facility systems.

ICDS Safety Meetings:

  • Ryan Emond (RPSC EH&S) and I will be in Madison 05-06 January