Field and CPL Updates

2011 Core Processing Line

August 19, 2011
Update provided by Peter Neff
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Photo credit: Peter Rejcek

I am pleased to share the news that processing of the WAIS Divide ice core was completed on August 16th, 2011, to a bottom depth of 3331.369 meters. We here at the National Ice Core Lab are thrilled to have finished this arduous task. After putting in nearly three months of hard work in the freezer, we are looking forward to see data in the coming years for this exciting project. The group of fifty-or-so highly dedicated individuals who worked on the core processing this summer should be proud of their accomplishment.

To all of the labs that are receiving samples, we wish you the best of luck as you begin some of the most difficult work of the entire project. I wish it were possible to recognize every person who has contributed to the continued success of the WAIS Divide ice core project. All those involved in the project to date should feel incredibly proud of their work, and can rest assured that this valuable ice is well on its way to being analyzed and sharing its secrets with the world.

Once again, thanks to everyone who supported the CPL this summer. Special thanks go out to the INSTAAR Stable Isotope Lab for local support and assistance staffing the CPL. To all the PIs who visited the CPL and shared some of their science with the group, know that your contribution had a recognizable impact on the engagement and education of everyone here.

Best regards,

Peter Neff
WAIS Divide SCO Representative, 2011 CPL

NICL staff
( * are those who spent the whole summer working on the CPL)
Geoff Hargreaves*
Brian Bencivengo*
Richard Nunn*
Lacey Fischer
John Melrose*
Eirik Ogilvie-Wigley*
Mick Sternberg*

Sampling staff
( * are those who spent the whole summer working on the CPL)
TJ Fudge* (University of Washington)
Pauline Roberts (University of Washington, Raytheon Polar Services Company)
Tami Nguyen (University of Washington)
Bryan Holmes (University of Washington)
Kendrick Taylor (WAIS Divide Science Coordination Office, Desert Research Institute)
Emily Longano (University of Colorado Boulder)
Kyle Samek (University of Washington)
Sam Lovely (University of Washington)
Jara Lindsay (University of Washington)
Julia Brandenberger (Penn State University)
Andrew Schauer (University of Washington)
Eric Steig (University of Washington)
Kees Welten (University of California Berkeley)
Shannon Katsos (University of Colorado Boulder)
Jim White (University of Colorado Boulder)
Susan Kelly (Montana State University)
Stacey Bryant (Penn State University)
Ross Beaudette (Scripps Institute of Oceanography)
John Fegyveresi (Penn State University)
Todd Sowers (Penn State University)
Sean Skuba (University of Colorado Boulder)
Phil Place (University of Rochester)
Logan Mitchell (Oregon State University)
Daniel Baggenstos (Scripps Institute of Oceanography)
Shaun Marcott (Oregon State University)
Jon Edwards (Oregon State University)
Lauren Terry (University of Colorado Boulder)
Ed Brook (Oregon State University)
Jeff Severinghaus (Scripps Institute of Oceanography)
Joan Fitzpatrick* (United States Geological Survey)
Matt Spencer* (Lake Superior State University)
Isabel Hong* (United States Geological Survey)
Deanna Laurel (United States Geological Survey)
Nate Stevens (Penn State University)
Richard Alley (Penn State University)
Rebecca Lawrence (Desert Research Institute)
Orion Ashmore (Desert Research Institute)
Brian Spitzmiller (University of Colorado Boulder)
Mackensie Grieman (University of California Irvine)
Kelsey Sherrard (Desert Research Institute)
Rob McConnell (Desert Research Institute)
Joe McConnell (Desert Research Institute)
Mark Twickler (WAIS Divide Science Coordination Office, Univ. of New Hampshire)
Peter Neff* (WAIS Divide Science Coordination Office, University of Washington)
Jen Lennon* (WAIS Divide Science Coordination Office, University of Idaho)