Field and CPL Updates

2006-2007 Antarctica

November 10, 2006
Update provided by Matthew Kippenhan, RPSC
project update image
Digging out the field camp. Photo: Raytheon Polar Services

Dear WAIS Divide team,

Field reports and photos are coming in from our team at WAIS Divide:

  • Camp wintered well. Significant drifting on winter berms and arch facility occurred over the winter
  • Put-in construction crew went in on 02 Nov.
  • All camp structures are up and heated as of yesterday
  • Crew is working on generators, electricity, and communications for structures
  • Excellent weather has helped the construction and camp staff during the past week
  • Camp expected to open on schedule - 15 Nov.
  • Arch construction crew is expected to arrive at camp on 15 Nov.
  • Materials for arch are trickling into McM
  • Crew expects some delays in interior construction schedule (details uncertain at this time)
  • 8 fixed wing missions have been completed to WAIS Divide to date
  • Science activities expected to start on schedule once camp is up and running
  • Temperature at camp was around - 46 F.

I'll send additional updates as I receive information.