Field and CPL Updates

2006-2007 Antarctica

December 8, 2006
Update provided by Joe Souney
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The arch facility at WAIS Divide. The tall arch (foreground) will house the Deep Ice Sheet Coring drill whereas the small arch (background) will house all of the core handling equipment. Photo: Joe Souney

Today we moved our drilling operations from outside of the arch to inside the arch in order to start the pilot hole for the deep ice core (WDC06A). We disassembled the Arctic Oven tent, which we used as a shelter for logging and packing the WDC06B core. Since we will now be drilling inside of the arch we no longer need the Arctic Oven tent for the logging and packing shelter. We also took down the 4-inch drill and moved all of it's components inside the arch. The final activity of the day was to cut out the section of the arch floor where the WDC06A pilot hole will be located.