Field and CPL Updates

2006-2007 Antarctica

December 26, 2006
Update provided by Jay Johnson
project update image
Casing the WDC06A bore hole. Photo: Jay Johnson

Reaming of WDC06A began on December 13 and was completed on December 27 with the top 88.5 meters of the hole reamed to 12 inches in diameter, the hole from 88.5 meters to a depth of 91.5 meters reamed to 7 inches in diameter, and the hole between 91.5 meters and approximately 111 meters deep reamed to 7 inches in diameter. The top 88.5 meters of the hole was cased using a 9.5-inch inside diameter, 10 3/4-inch outside diameter HDPE pipe. Casing of the hole was completed December 26.