Field and CPL Updates

2006 Greenland

May 7, 2006
Update provided by Jay Johnson

Activity: DISC Drill Test - Summit Greenland

Period: 5/01-5/06/2006

Weather Conditions: Temperature range -38°C to +3°C, wind 5-21 knots. The weather this week overall was a little milder than last. On Friday night we saw the last sunset until fall.

ICDS Personnel on Site:
Jay Johnson
Kristina Dahnert
Michael Jayred

Other Personnel on Site:
Brent Folmer (Westphal & Company Inc.)
Ed Alexander (Westphal & Company Inc.)


The DISC building electrical didn't get up and running this week. When Brent and Ed went to install breakers in the new main power distribution panel they found it didn't fit both style of breakers that we have. A new panel will be coming in on the first flight next week. Other than this snag all cable trenching is complete, the 208v panel and transformer are wired, and the building electrical system is installed. We are now looking at having power mid next week.

The building ventilation system is in the process of being installed. Hand rails are complete around the slot and the removable floor sections over the tower base have been built. Slot excavation was completed early in the week.

Jayred, Krissy, and I have got the casing extended and all but one section of the drip pans installed. All of the crane rails are in and both crane cable chains are installed. The blue gantry crane is wired and ready to run. We dug a tunnel under the building for the slot ventilation hose and other utilities to service the winch pit area. The slot ventilation fan is ready to be placed. Both fiberglass pads for the tower base are placed and leveled. The control room is in the building, but can't be put into final position until the yellow gantry is assembled. The week was finished out with a safety drill at the DISC structure. The Summit medical staff responded and we practiced removing an unconscious person from the slot using our retractable life-lines.