Field and CPL Updates

2006 Greenland

July 30, 2006
Update provided by Jay Johnson
project update image
The drilling crew leaving Greenland.

Activity: DISC Drill Test - Summit Greenland

Period: 7/24-7/30/06

Weather Conditions: (Kangerlussuaq) Sunny with temps ranging from low 50's to mid 60's Fahrenheit.

ICDS Personnel on Site:
Jay Johnson
Kristina Dahnert
Michael Jayred
Bill Mason
Nicolai Mortensen
Paul Sendelbach
Scott Haman
John Fowler

Activities During Period:
Departure - We flew from Summit to Kangerlussuaq on Tuesday via a Twin Otter. The sky was clear with unrestricted visibility, which made for breathtaking views as we flew over the ice edge and into Kangerlussuaq. Wednesday through Saturday was spent hiking, sight seeing, and relaxing. Today (Sunday) we are flying back to New York. Monday we will be parting ways and heading home.

This is the last weekly report for the season.