Field and CPL Updates

2006 Greenland

July 23, 2006
Update provided by Jay Johnson
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Kristina Dahnert, Scott Haman, Bill Mason, Nicolai Mortensen, Paul Sendelbach, Jay Johnson, Michael Jayred, and John Fowler inside the drill tent.

Activity: DISC Drill Test - Summit Greenland

Period: 7/17-7/22/06

Weather Conditions:
Temperature range -25°C to -3°C, wind 0-22 knots.

ICDS Personnel on Site:
Jay Johnson
Kristina Dahnert
Michael Jayred
Bill Mason
Nicolai Mortensen
Paul Sendelbach
Scott Haman
John Fowler

Activities During Period:
Packing - We continued packing this week. By the end of the day on Tuesday we had completed moving all items that required use of the gantry cranes and therefore we were able to shut down the generator for the season. On Thursday we officially finished packing. With a crew of eight people working 8.5 hour days it took seven days to pack the entire DISC drill system. Tear down and packing went very smooth.