Field and CPL Updates

2011-2012 Antarctica

November 21, 2011
Update provided by Kendrick Taylor
project update image
The arch experienced heavy drifting over the winter. The section of arch that you can see in the background/left is the drilling arch, the taller of the two arches. The core handling arch is in the foreground/right of the photo and is completely buried. Photo: RPSC

The field season is progressing well. Last week RPSC cleared the entrance to the processing end of the arch. A major storm caused extensive drifting and forced everyone to huddle inside. Most of the drilling and borehole logging crews were in McMurdo making preparations last week. The first wave of drillers is waiting for transport to WAIS Divide. We are off to a good start. The detailed SITREPs (SITuation REPort) from Krissy and Don are below.