Field and CPL Updates

2011-2012 Antarctica

November 28, 2011
Update provided by Kendrick Taylor
project update image
View of the windward side of the winter-over berm at WAIS Divide. The camp cargo wintered perfectly, which greatly reduced the dig-out effort and helped speed up the camp construction schedule. Credit: RPSC

The camp spin-up is going great. Work is progressing on getting the inside of the arch back in shape after the normal floor movements during the winter. As expected, the drilling slot will require a noteworthy amount of physical labor to cut back the walls that crept in during the winter. The first wave of the drill team and Don Voigt are at WAIS Divide. Most of the loggers are waiting in McMurdo for the weather to clear. Amazingly, we are on schedule to start borehole logging as planned on December 1.

The detailed SITREPs from Krissy and Don are below. Sorry, no new photos from WAIS Divide yet due to the satellite comms not yet being fully established.