Field and CPL Updates

2012-2013 Antarctica

November 13, 2012
Update provided by Ken Taylor

Four Herc flights made it to WAIS Divide last week bringing the carpenters and supplies needed to build the camp. We are happy to report that the camp is now almost entirely built, with only the power poles and the POLENET science tent left to erect - both of which should be completed by the end of this week.

Word from camp is that they just got into the arch and opened the doors. The floors are buckled, as expected, but apparently nothing worse than what we've experienced in past seasons, and the crew at WAIS Divide doesn't foresee any large issues with the floors. The arch is the primary task for this week. The camp also reports that the core handling side door is excavated and that the drill slot appears to be in good condition compared to last season.

We hope to receive photos from camp later this week.

The first wave of drillers (Josh, Elizabeth, Jayred, and Krissy) departed the USA yesterday. Don Voigt is the Science Coordination Office Representative this season and is scheduled, after a flight cancellation yesterday, to depart the USA today. Don will be providing updates throughout the season.