Field and CPL Updates

2012-2013 Antarctica

November 26, 2012
Update provided by Ken Taylor

WAIS Divide now has a population of about 40 people, including the first wave of the drilling and science staff. There is also a large support crew and a science group heading to Pine Island Glacier. The doors on the processing side of the arch, and the personnel door on the drill side have been dug out. The arch floor is buckled and several floorboards popped up. The cranes are working and the drill tower is operational. ASC and IDDO crews are repairing the floor and leveling equipment. One of the two generators for the drill is working; the other is waiting on parts from McMurdo. This is better than expected, so we are off to a great start.

The camp manager (Kaija Webster) and her crew did an amazing job of spinning up the camp. They worked straight through without breaks until they had camp ready for the drillers. Having the arch dug out and powered up so early in the season is a big bonus.

There was a big blow with gusts up to 40 mph. This caused lots of drifting (partially filling in the access to the arch, covering tents and cargo) and white out conditions that prevented outside work. This is just WAIS Divide being WAIS Divide.

Camp celebrated Thanksgiving with five turkeys and all the traditional food you hope would go with it. It was the first day off for the camp crew, and considering all the work they did to get the camp ready they more than deserved it. I am really impressed by how much progress the support crews have made; what a great team!

The files below are the detailed weekly reports (SITREPs) from Don Voigt (SCO) and Krissy Dahnert (IDDO).