Field and CPL Updates

2012-2013 Antarctica

December 3, 2012
Update provided by Ken Taylor

The preparations for drilling are progressing well. All the drilling and science staff is either in McMurdo or at WAIS Divide. The removal of snow from around the doors of the arch is continuing, but has been complicated by continued drifting. The construction crew from the Antarctic Support Contractor (ASC) completed a long list of tasks such as fixing the flooring and doors which had shifted due to movement of the firn, and getting the electrical, ventilation and cooling systems operational. The arch is in good enough condition that the drill crew can work effectively.

The drill crew has completed many tasks related to getting the drill system ready. A lot of these tasks are related to the firn shifting equipment supported by the floor and arch. A lot of equipment needed work to return it to an operational condition from the way it was prepared to withstand the winter.

There were the regular all camp safety training meetings, and Don Voigt gave a talk at WAIS Divide on the WAIS Divide project which was attended by over 40 people.

Detailed weekly updates from Don and Krissy are below.

We are on schedule and all is well.