Field and CPL Updates

2010-2011 Antarctica

November 29, 2010
Update provided by Ken Taylor
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Thanksgiving dinner at McMurdo - Salad and King crab legs (plus cranberry dressing)! Photo: Heidi Roop/PolarTREC

WAIS Divide Enthusiasts,

During the last week the following activities occurred: The D-4 bulldozer was repaired; the core handling arch doors and the arch side door were cleared of snow; the gantry crane tracks were realigned and the crane made operational; the main power system to the arch was made operational; work started to repair the floor and widen the drill tower slot which had shifted during the winter; two drillers arrived on site to assist with preparing the arch; all other IDDO and SCO staff are in McMurdo. We are at least a week behind what we had hoped for, but it is still early in the season.

Thanksgiving was celebrated in McMurdo with a big feed and a turkey trot. Our science techs Heidi and Dom placed second in the woman's and men's divisions. There were also side trips to Cape Evans and the ice caves.

We hope to get most of the drill and science crews to WAIS Divide this week.

Below are the two SITREPs from Don and Krissy that provide all of the details.