Field and CPL Updates

Below is an archive of ~weekly updates from the Antarctic field seasons, as well as updates from the Greenland drill test and the 2011 core processing line (CPL) at the U.S. National Ice Core Laboratory.

Location Major activities Updates
2013-2014 Antarctica
  • The partial U.S. government shutdown forced significant changes to the U.S. Antarctic Program's operations for the 2013-2014 field season. The WAIS Divide field camp was not opened and the scientific field operations that were scheduled were postponed to the 2014-2015 field season.
2012-2013 Antarctica
  • Replicate Coring (285 meters of replicate core collected from five deviations)
2011-2012 Antarctica
  • Borehole Logging: Clow (I-475; temperature), Waddington/Anandakrishnan (I-162; sonic), Pettit/Obbard (I-166; televiewer/borehole deformation), and Peters (I-161; seismic)
  • Deep drilling with DISC Drill (3331-3405 m)
  • Replicate Coring Test
2011 Core Processing Line
  • Core processing line (CPL) at the U.S. National Ice Core Laboratory to process and sample the core from 1953-3331 meters depth.
2010-2011 Antarctica
  • Deep drilling with DISC Drill (2564-3331 m)
2009-2010 Antarctica
  • Deep drilling with DISC Drill (1514-2564 m)
2008-2009 Antarctica
  • Deep drilling with DISC Drill (brittle ice) (580-1514 m)
2007-2008 Antarctica
  • Finished arch construction
  • Installed DISC Drill
  • Installed core handling/processing equipment
  • Began deep drilling with DISC Drill (114-580 m)
2006-2007 Antarctica
  • Began interior arch construction activities
  • Drilled 130 meter ice core outside of arch facility
  • Drilled and cased 100 meter pilot hole inside arch facility (0-114m)
  • Installed two DISC Drill gantry cranes inside arch
2006 Greenland
  • Field test of the Deep Ice Sheet Coring (DISC) Drill and core handling system
2005-2006 Antarctica
  • Establishment of seasonal field camp at WAIS Divide
  • Began construction and assembly of drilling and core handling/processing arch facility
  • Drilled several shallow ice cores